Saturday, October 20, 2012

Seattle - Day 9

Sunday, September 9, 2012:  Tonia drove us to the tailgate market in Ballard.  We had fresh wood-fired pizza and picked up fresh food for supper (fresh baked pot pies, beets and salad.)  Seattle thrives on fresh food!

Bheem enjoyed the various musicians and didn't hesitate to bob with the rhythm of each one.  I have a feeling that music will play a big role in that child's life.

Next we visited the Ballard Locks.  I didn't read up on this, but I know the locks are used for elevation changes of boats traveling between sea level and inland rivers.  Interestingly as well, the salmon have 'ladders' they use to swim from sea to inland rivers too so they can spawn.

We made a quick stop at Hale's Ales to get a t-shirt and a quick photo!   Thinking back - I never did taste the beer.  Hmm..may need to re-visit that place again.  The lady selling t-shirts wasn't impressed that I was a Hale, and there was no discount.  Sheesh.. (ha!)  She did throw in a handful of Hale's coasters for free.

The Hale girls prepared an amazing supper.  We relaxed for the evening and Uncle Durward played an old video from mine and Tonia's childhood.  It had my Papaw in it, which was bittersweet to watch.  Papaw Hale died when I was 8, and my memories of him are sketchy at best. We watched it twice, but I think I could have watched it 100 times just to see his laugh and his mannerisms again.  I fell asleep that night through salty tears missing a man I hardly knew, but loved so much.

On a lighter note, I took advantage of Tonia's balcony to capture a nighttime Seattle photo (the round thing is a ferris wheel in motion.)  She's got an awesome view!

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