Sunday, September 30, 2012


Welcome to my ramblings about photography.  Being a photographer is something we all possess, right?  I mean aren't we all photographers on 'some' level?  Cameras are so accessible these days that almost everyone has snapped the button at some point in their lives.
Remembering back to Christmas 1981, I was so excited to have received my very first camera: a Kodak 110.  It was the wide, 'thin' pocket camera of the times and used an enclosed film canister with easy one-touch rewind. I thought I was "The Shit."  Really, what other 12 year old had such a fancy camera?
I began my quest to be a photographer at that moment.  I told myself that I was going to take some amazing pictures.  Low and behold, photos of the carpet, my bike, my brother, and my folks didn't quite seem to be amazing on the output.  Plus, my mother put me on a 'film budget' due to film developing costs (with no great results on my part), and the high purchasing costs of film turned film-getting into birthday presents, or saving up my $2.50/week allowances.
Over the years, the cameras improved, but my photography didn't.  I wanted to learn about photography; however once I began to read photography books, the overwhelming information about ISOs, Aperture f-stops, and varying shutter speeds were too daunting to this beginner.  I soon became the regular 'take your camera on vacation and/or special events' type of photographer that encompasses most of us.
In 2010, I began noticing people with nice cameras.  I still wanted to learn what all those buttons controlled, so I started asking questions.  Soon after, I began browsing cameras to purchase.  A friend suggested the Nikon D5100 as a good starting point for a beginner.  So, I set my sights on studying the D5100, and began dreaming.
On Christmas Eve, 2011 - my camera dreams came true.  My Dad gifted me with a Nikon D5100!  WOW-what a gift! (Thanks again, Dad!)  It was a kit that included two lenses: 18mm-55mm and a 55mm-200mm.  I was ecstatic, and could barely wait for the battery to charge.
And once again I heard that little voice in my head chattering about the amazing pictures I was going to take.  And so the journey began.

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